Is A Propane Tank Delivery Service Worth It? My Review of Cynch

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Propane is a convenient and affordable fuel for many. It is the lifeblood of many backyard BBQs, fire pits, and even backup generators. These 20lb tanks are, however, quite cumbersome to haul and have them exchanged at the local hardware store or gas station. That being said, more and more people are starting to use a propane delivery service. There are several advantages and disadvantages to having propane delivered to your home. But is the service worth it?

A propane tank delivery service is worth it if you enjoy the convenience of not transporting tanks to and from your home, or if you use many propane tanks and personally transporting them is unfeasible. The costs can vary but are usually very similar to exchanging them yourself at a local big box store.

💡 If you’re interested in requesting service, Cynch is offering a $10 tank exchange by using the link here.

I’ll be writing a breakdown of propane tank delivery services. This includes who can most benefit from the service, pricing, and some advantages and disadvantages. Also, I’ll talk about my experience with using Cynch, the propane delivery subsidiary of Amerigas.

Who Is Propane Tank Delivery Service For

A propane delivery service like Cynch is a great option for those who would like to have a supply of propane delivered directly to their home. Let’s go over some of the reasons you might want to start a propane delivery service.

You own a business

Businesses are unique customers for propane deliveries, some companies use very large propane tanks, which they get delivered by commercial propane dealers. However, there are a few situations in which 20lb tanks are used where a delivery service like Cynch could be great.

As mentioned earlier, many backup generators run off of propane, and for a small business, this ensures that operations keep running even in the event of a power outage. 20lb propane tanks generally can last about 5 hours with an average load. These 5 hours are more than worth the price of a propane tank. Another great use is for propane patio heaters.

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Almost all propane patio heaters, residential or commercial run off of 20lb tanks. For businesses that work outdoors, or have customers sitting outside, patio heaters make the outdoors bearable and even desirable. Multiple patio heaters are usually used in these situations and personally exchanging them can eat up a substantial amount of time to take to a propane refilling station.

A delivery service can make tank exchanges simpler, and make more effective use of your and your employee’s time. It can eliminate transit times, and even multiple trips in the case of a large number of exchanges.

You are physically impaired

Propane tanks are fairly heavy, along with that, they aren’t shaped to be held in the most effective way, which makes them awkward to carry. Retirees or people that are physically unable to safely lift and transport the tanks are in luck.

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Companies like Cynch make life much easier by reducing the only transport required by the customer to just the front porch. For an extra fee, some of these delivery companies can also deliver it to a backyard.

You don’t have adequate transportation

In some cities, a car or truck just isn’t a necessity. With the gaining popularity of electric bikes and scooters, there are more and more modes of transportation where exchanging propane tanks is just not feasible.

This doesn’t mean these people should miss out on the conveniences that propane brings us. Propane delivery allows people without transportation the ability to buy and exchange propane tanks easily and without the need to borrow a friend’s car, or call a ride-share service.

You’re just too busy

This is me. I have so many things on my plate. With a full-time job, school, working on this blog, and ensuring I have adequate time with my family, have very little free time. A separate trip to home depot carrying a few tanks of propane is a hassle.

Cynch and other companies like it allows me some extra free time with my family to relax, and it ensures I always have a spare full tank, as I can easily schedule an exchange for an empty tank as soon as it’s needed.

💡 If you’re interested in requesting service, Cynch is offering a $10 tank exchange by using the link here.

Propane Tank Delivery Service Pros & Cons


  • Can order service online
  • Can be cheaper than traditional tank exchanges
  • No transportation required


  • Limited delivery areas
  • Some companies charge delivery fees
  • Slightly more expensive than self-filling

How Cynch works

There are 5 pretty straightforward steps to requesting a propane delivery. Let’s walk through it together.

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1. Enter your zip code – Enter your five-digit zip code to see if you are in the Cynch service area. if you are, then you’ll be taken to the next screen where you can make your tank selections. If you are not in the service area, then you’ll be prompted to enter your email address so when Cynch does offer delivery for your zip code, they’ll notify you via email.

2. Order your tanks – Here, you’ll have 2 different options to choose from. Exchange, or spare. Exchange is when you have an empty tank and are trading it in for a full tank. Spare is another option if you would like to purchase an additional tank.

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3. Select the delivery date and dropoff/pickup location – On this step, you’ll choose a date that works best for you, as well as the dropoff location. You’ll have a few choices for dropoff. Basically any side of your house. The front is included in the price and the sides and back are sitting at $1.99 at the time of writing.

4. Register and set delivery address – This is the screen to register a new account. This is an unavoidable step, so you must go through the process as it also sets your delivery address.

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5. Review and place the order – On this final step, you’ll input your payment information, confirm your tanks and delivery address and place your order. You will receive an email confirmation of your order.

* There is one additional step if you’ve chosen to exchange a tank. On the day of your exchange, you’re requested to leave your empty tank outside at the dropoff location you selected earlier.

That’s it. Once your order is fulfilled, you’ll receive an email from Cynch saying your order is complete.

What Does A Propane Delivery Service Cost

You would think that the delivery fee for a propane delivery service would be a little expensive. With all the driving around with so many propane tanks weighing down the delivery vehicle. Well, luckily Cynch does not include any fees associated with standard delivery. For both tank exchanges and spare tanks, you pay a flat fee.

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The costs are on par with exchanges done at Home-Depot or Lowes and beat some gas stations I’ve seen. An exchange costs you $19.99, and a spare tank costs you $59.99.

About a year ago I ordered a spare tank from Cynch at $49.99. So, it seems that prices may fluctuate. As the cost of propane has increased a bit since last year, so has the service offered by Cynch. Luckily, the exchange price of $19.99 has remained constant.

Note: Cynch states that they fill their tanks to 15lbs. This is a precautionary measure, like water, propane expands with heat exposure. A legal fill is technically 15.99lbs. So you could save a bit of money by refilling yourself, up to the maximum amount.

Are there any hidden fees?

As I mentioned earlier, when selecting a pickup and dropoff location, you can incur an extra fee. The front of the home is included in the price and the sides and back are an extra $1.99.

I emailed customer service to ask about fees if I were to miss a scheduled pickup. I was told there are no fees associated with a missed pickup and I would just need to reschedule.

How My Service Went

My service went off without a hitch, I recently ordered 2 spare tanks, to make sure my patio heaters have enough extra fuel as we stretch our leisure time in the back yard into the colder days of fall and winter. Since I had ordered before, my delivery and payment information had been saved. I then received an email confirming my order and delivery date.

The night before delivery, I received another email, with a reminder about my service. If I were to be exchanging a tank, this is a great reminder, so as not to forget to put the empty tank outside. The very next day my tanks came capped and full.

Overall it’s a very simple process where everything is laid out for you. I’ve had no issues, and have not needed to reach out to customer support. There are numbers available to call, and email addresses to message in case you need to cancel or modify your delivery.

Will I Continue With The Service

The added convenience that Cynch offers me is amazing. I love not having to lug the heavy propane tanks to and from the store, especially in the cold winter. The cost difference is negligible, and actually beats many of the nearby exchange stations for me here in Vegas. I know there are propane filling stations that charge you a little less. the convenience factor for me makes this a non-issue and I will be a repeat customer.

💡 If you’re interested in requesting service, Cynch is offering a $10 tank exchange by using the link here.

Related Questions

How do I tell how much propane is left in a propane tank

photo of cynch tare weight

Propane tanks are stamped with an empty or “tare” weight. Place the tank on a scale to get the total weight, and then subtract “tare” weight to determine how many pounds of propane are left.

If you don’t have a scale, you can pour hot water down the side of your tank. The propane absorbs the heat from the water, making that part of the tank cooler. You should feel the temperature difference to tell where the level of propane is.

How long do propane tanks last before they need to be replaced?

Legally, a propane tank is good for 12 years past the manufacture date in the US. and 10 years in Canada. They can also be recertified to push the expiration date back. Both dates are required to be printed on the tank.

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