About Me

Hi there! My name is Michael Carpenter and I’m a homebody at heart. I love spending time out back with the people I care about the most. My goal for this website is to write about my backyard journey including how-to’s, and reviews, and general thoughts about backyard life.

I grew up in central NC where I got pretty good at front-porch sitting, 4-wheeler riding, and cherry-coke sipping. Then I decided to join the US Air Force as a Cyber Transport Troop. While I had an amazing journey during my 6-year contract, I decided it was time to settle down, and have since made roots in Las Vegas with my wife, our 2 kids, and three dogs.

Between holding the flashlight for my dad on numerous occasions and coming into my own, I have learned a bit about backyard living, but have a lot to learn!. My book of knowledge reaches down into pools, patios, and everything in-between. A techie by trade, I also am very competent at digging into specifications and have a general interest in figuring out how things work.

I was instilled with a few core values as an Airman: integrity first, and excellence in all we do. Those values will be present in the articles published on this website.

If you would like to get in touch regarding the site, please feel free to email me.

Michael Carpenter, Managing Editor
Email: mike@diehardbackyard.com