The 4 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs: A Definitive Buyers Guide

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Not only are inflatable hot tubs great for relaxing outdoors, but they’re also portable and easy to store, features that make them amazing investments. But with many inflatable hot tubs in the market, choosing one might prove daunting. So what factors should you consider before settling for an inflatable hot tub? 

If you want to buy an inflatable hot tub, you should consider factors such as size, total cost, capacity, and included features like cup holders, cartridge filters, covers, and patches. Other crucial factors to consider include your backyard size and preferred area to set up. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the main factors to consider when buying an inflatable hot tub. We’ll even review some of the best inflatable hot tubs in the market to help you get that right product. 

In A Hurry?

No worries, I’ve put together a table with some of the key features of my top pics below. Be sure to scroll down to find out more about each inflatable hot tub!

Image Brand Key Features   Price
Intex 28429E PureSpa  Intex PureSpa • Built-in Inflation

• 140 Jets

• Includes 2 cartridge filters
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Bestway Saluspa Bestway SaluSpa • Unique wood design

• Fits up to 7 people

• Anti-puncture material
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WEJOY AquaSpa WEJOY AquaSpa • Super compact

• Includes 2 cartidge filters

• Automatic preheating
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MILESPORTS Portable Round Hot Tub MILESPORTS Portable Round Hot Tub • 120 jets

• Includes 2 repair kits

• I-beam construction for solid walls
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What Is an Inflatable Hot Tub?

Also called portable jacuzzis or inflatable spas, inflatable hot tubs are portable blown-up tubes designed to be filled with heated water to create that relaxing, jacuzzi-effect. Unlike their more complicated jacuzzi cousins, hot tubs are easy to set up and move around. 

These are features that make them great buys for both small and large families looking to unwind by dipping in heated waters. 

Factors To Consider When Buying Inflatable Hot Tubs

With many inflatable hot tubs in the market, finding the perfect one can prove challenging. You’ll need to keep several factors in mind, as discussed below. 

Size and Capacity

Inflatable hot tubs come in a variety of sizes. Large inflatable spas are suitable for large families, while their smaller counterparts are ideal for 1-2 individuals.

Although compact inflatable hot tubs can’t accommodate a large number of individuals, they do come with several advantages. Not only are they easy to set up and store after use, but they’re increasingly portable, which makes them perfect for backpackers and avid campers. 

Compact hot tubs are also great for homeowners with little outdoor or indoor space. 

On the other hand, a large inflatable hot tub works great for medium to large-sized families. These bad boys can accommodate between 4-8 people, making them the ideal for get-togethers and summer parties. 

While a large portable jacuzzi occupies a significant amount of yard or outdoor space, it’ll give you more flexibility when inside, which translates to more fun in the sun or indoors. They’re also great if you want to engage in a variety of activities like massages and pool games while soaking in hot water.

One disadvantage of large inflatable tubs is they’re not as portable as their smaller counterparts. This means you’ll need to set them up in larger spaces, which can prove hard if your home or yard isn’t large enough. 

Features Influence Price

Not all inflatable hot tubs come with similar features. Costlier options come with advanced features that add a much-needed layer of comfort, while cheaper options will have limited features. 

Below are some of the main features to consider when buying an inflatable pool tub. 

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge pool filters are important components to have in your inflatable hot tub as they help keep dirt and debris out, ensuring you bask in clean, hot water. 

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However, not all inflatable hot tubs come with cartridge filters, which might force you to make separate purchases. And while cartridge filters for your inflatable hot tub might not cost a fortune, choosing the right fit for your tub can prove challenging. 

High-end tubs often come packed with several cartridge filters. Some, like the Intex Inflatable Hot Tub Spa found on, boasts an impressive 6 filters, effectively eliminating the need to make replacements in the short run. 

Therefore, if you don’t want the hassle of changing cartridge filters every now and then, you can choose a premium tub that comes with several cartridge filters. But if you don’t mind buying these filters separately, then a basic inflatable hot tub can get the job done. 


Inflatable hot tub covers are easily among the most important accessories each owner should invest in. These simple but crucial items help protect tubs from dirt and debris, which helps keep the water clean. 

Without a cover, insects, small reptiles, and amphibians can make their way into your tub, making the water dirty and slimy. Other items like twigs and leaves can also get in, while fungi and mold can develop due to the moisture. 

Covers also help extend the useful life of your hot tub’s filter by keeping out debris and reducing the overall workload. 

Therefore, when buying an inflatable hot tub, you should check whether it comes with a cover. Some high-end products come with a cover, but you might have to purchase a cover separately when buying budget inflatable hot tubs.  

Cup Holders 

Although not the most important accessories, cup holders can add a much-needed layer of comfort to your inflatable hot tub. Some high-end hot tubs usually come with cup holders, but you might need to buy them separately as not all inflatable hot tubs feature cup holders as must-have accessories. 

The good news is that cup holders don’t cost a fortune as you can buy products like the Votprof Silicone Anti-Spill Pool Drink Holder or the Aleko Removable 3-Piece Headrest and Drink Holder at affordable prices. These cup holders can be easily attached to your inflatable hot tub and are both available from 


While patches are not viewed as must-have accessories when buying a new inflatable hot tub, they can come in handy when you least expect. 

This explains why some high-end inflatable tubs come with extra patches

The good news is that patches aren’t costly, and you can get a kit like the 10Leccion Pool Patch Repair Kit from When buying patches, it’s important to look for products made of durable, high-strength material. 


Jets are one of those crucial features to consider if you’re after a hydromassage experience. 

photo of hot tub jets

Top drawer brands usually include several jets to ensure you get that much-needed relaxing experience from your inflatable hot tub. 

When choosing between different brands, it’s important to consider the number of jets and their versatility. Big jets are great for massaging large muscle groups, while directional jets will soothe your smaller muscle groups like calf muscles and a sore neck. 

Backyard Requirements

How much room do you need in your backyard for your inflatable hot tub? You’ll need to consider the dimensions of your hot tub compared to your backyard. If your backyard is narrow and short, you might need to consider a small hot tub. However, if you live on several acres, you can get the largest tub you can afford.

Let’s look at these in more detail.

Size Of Your Backyard

Besides considering the size of an inflatable hot tub, it is also important to factor in your backyard’s size when choosing a tub. Large spas tend to fit better in equally large yards, while a small inflatable hot tub is ideal if your backyard isn’t the largest. 

Spa Room Size

Similar to size, you should also consider the measurements of your designated spa room when choosing an inflatable hot tub, especially if you plan to soak inside the house every once in a while.

Small tubs will suit you better if you don’t have large rooms, while a large inflatable tub should work well if your designated spa room is large enough. 

Platform Needed

You’ll want to set up your inflatable tub in a flat area if you want some stability for your tub. 

While some people place inflatable hot tubs directly on grass, investing in a mat like the Xtingmeme Inflatable Hot Tub Mat on that’s both waterproof and anti-slip is highly recommended. 

A flat, stable, and well-balanced platform will help protect your inflatable hot tub and collect spills, more so if you plan to use the tub indoors. So if your outdoors isn’t flat then you might need to invest in a mat to protect your floor before using your tub indoors.

Top 4 Recommended Inflatable Hot Tubs

All recommendations are found on These hot tubs offer a great bang for your buck and can liven up any backyard.

photo of Intex 28429E PureSpa

Best Overall: Intex PureSpa 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

The Intex PureSpa 4 Person hot tub features a built-in water treatment system for hard water that makes the water gentle on the spa system and your skin. This bad boy can fit four people and boasts a digital control panel that’s tilt-adjustable. 

Some of the extras you’ll get with this premier hot tub include 2 filter cartridges, thermal ground cloth, LED light, test strip, inflation hose, floating chlorine dispenser, 2 headrests, and an insulated cover. 


  • Features 140 bubble jets
  • Built-in inflation system
  • Insulated cover to reduce heat loss
  • Insulated ground cloth
  • Tilt-adjustable, easy-to-use control panel
  • Puncture resistant
  • 2-filter cartridges
  • LED lights


  • Relatively costly
  • No cup holder
photo of Bestway Saluspa

Bestway SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

If you want a large inflatable hot tub that can accommodate your entire family or group of friends, then you need not look further than the Bestway SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub. 

The top drawer inflatable tub is made from quality tri-tech material that’s puncture-resistant to extend your tub’s useful life. Besides being puncture-resistant, the SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub also features an I-beam wall construction to ensure it retains its shape despite several people sitting on the edge. 

You’ll also like the inflatable tub’s stylish wood panel design that adds a unique touch to your outdoor decor and deck. The lift handles also make the tub easy to move around, while the built-in pump allows you to inflate or deflate the tub with ease. 


  • Unique wood design
  • Lift handles
  • Hard water softening system
  • Easy to set up
  • Accommodates 7 people
  • Made from anti-puncture material


  • Costly
  • Not too many jets
  • No built-in cup holders
photo of WEJOY AquaSpa

#WEJOY AquaSpa Portable Hot Tub 

Featuring 120 air jets and an integrated water filtration system, the AquaSpa Portable Hot Tub is among the best small inflatable hot tubs in the market. 

And while the hot tub is designed to fit two adults, it can also easily accommodate two children, preferably under 14 years. The powerful filtration system, complete with 2 filters, ensures that water remains clean and circulates well enough.  

The AquaSpa Portable Hot Tub inflates in under 5 minutes and should not be dragged during installation, packing, or unpacking as it’s not made from anti-puncture material. 


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Suitable for compact spaces
  • Comes with two filter cartridges
  • Features a durable groundsheet
  • 120-air jets
  • Automatic preheating


  • More susceptible to punctures
  • Not the largest inflatable hot tub
  • Spa test strips must be bought separately
  • No built-in cup holders
photo of MILESPORTS Portable Round Hot Tub

Milesports Portable Round Hot Tub

The Milesports Portable Round Hot Tub is made of high-quality PVC material and boasts an I-beam construction that helps prevent your tub from losing shape. It also features a digital control panel that allows you to regulate water temperature from the inside. 

Some of the extra accessories the inflatable hot tub comes with are one blocker, an electric pump, one groundsheet, one pool cover, and two repair kits. 

You’ll also appreciate that the tub comes with 120 air jets to give you that soothing hydromassage experience. 


  • 120 air jets.
  • Comes with two repair kits. 
  • Can accommodate 4-6 people. 
  • I-beam construction for solid walls.


  • No cup holders. 
  • Lift handles aren’t the strongest. 

Wrapping Up 

Now that we’ve discussed some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for inflatable hot tubs, you should know how to choose a product that suits your unique needs. 

Ideally, you should always check whether the hot tub is made of durable, high-quality material. Other factors to consider include the number of additional features included and overall capacity. 

Remember to always buy from trustworthy retailers, preferably those that offer warranties.

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